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Michelle A. Leonard Hypnosis ~ Client Forms & Questioners

Follow Up Session Form

Every Appointment

Click to Access Follow Up Form

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New Client Intake Form

Click to Access New Client Form

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Weight Loss Questioner

Click to Access Weight Loss Questioner

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Pain Questioner

Click to Access Pain Questioner

Printable Questioner

Stop Smoking Questioner

Click to Access Stop Smoking Questioner

Click for Printable Questioner

Informed Consent for Hypnosis

Click to Access Informed Consent for Hypnosis

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Self Hypnosis Success Questionnaire

Click to Access Self Hypnosis Questionnaire

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Informed Consent for Hypnosis

Click to Report Personal Experience

Printable Experience Report

HIPAA Notice

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Will Hypnosis Help me?

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Donated Sessions

52 Hours of donated sessions are given yearly. If you need support and are feeling financially challenged apply today.

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